Tuesday, 27 March 2012

ღ Cute Neckstrap & Strap for SALES ღ

Hey sweeties~

These items are for SALES!

Feel free to browse and emel me your enquiries.Thank you!

Neck strap perfect for your ID holder.Espcially for students and workers.Hee.

Cute strap perfect for your pendrive chain.So it won't easily missing.

For UTM Students;
Contact me thru emel/fb if you interested.
Cash On Delivery.

For outsiders;
RM6.50 postage fees.
Doesn't matter how many item do you buy.

Thankyou and happy shopping!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Viera Cuteshoppe CLOSED!

Thank you soo much for your support guys after more less 4 month I'm running my bussiness.You guys showed me your trust by ordering cute craft items from me.I really appreciate it.Sorry to say that I have to close my lil shop because I'm going to further my study at UTM,Skudai Johor.Since I'm a University student soon,I think I don't have time to make any order.But I will activated my shop soon maybe 23 January 2012 because I'm in semester break for 4 weeks plus minus the uncertainty.Haha.So,you guys can place your order(if you have) to me till then.

See you soon then ^___^

Friday, 12 August 2011

Cute Items Price Lists @ VieraCuteshoppe ♥

Howdie everyone !

As I promised just now, I'm going to let you all know my cute items price in my cuteshoppe so you guys don't have to ask me the items price before ordering. And please, don't compare my price with other craft shop ya. I promised you guys,it's worth to order from me. I never disappointed my customers,so far. I made my order fast. Yet memenuhi citarasa pelanggan. Cewahh. And also,all the price stated below were NOT INCLUDING POSTAGE PAID.

1) Personalized Keychain

2)Personalized HP Strap (original product by Me)

3)Personalized Neck Strap

To choose your fav ribbons and embelishment,you can refer it all here. I always update if the ribbons already sold out and if there is any new ribbons.You can check it from time to time. XD

4)Personalized Headband

As for these headbands,if you want in other colour,I can do so. I can wrap it with satin ribbons which the colour had been choose by yourself.For example,you want the headband with width 2cm in colour pink. Then, I'll wrap it with pink colour satin ribbons.Simple. And yeah, I have to charge it for RM 0.50 because I have to buy the ribbon at store. Well, nothing is free nowadays. Hehe. But, if you want to wrap it with black satin ribbon,then I'll give it for free of charge as I have so many baki satin black ribbon now.

5)PVC Hp Casing

For hp casing,it is made of PVC which make it more stylish and high quality.Water proof. Perfect to cover your handphone.

6)Fully Embelish Keychain

This item is one of a kind in my shop. It is kinda special because I used glue paper to make the names.That make it different and xpensive. Hehe.

So guys,these are few items I made in my shop. What I mean by personalized is you can make your own design. If you have the sketch of your design,emel me. If you have example from google,emel me too. It is more convenience when you have the design's draft. But I can't copy/make 100% design from internet because maybe I don't have the exact embelishment use for the item.I hope you guys understand. But I can make it cute and simple as you wish,original made by me.

If you have any enquiries,don't hesitate to email me.Sorry if I late replying your email. To make it easy, I'm gonna let you know about VieraCuteshoppe Operation Hour/Online Time.

Monday-Friday : 11 a.m-1 p.m and 8 p.m-10 p.m
Weekend            : Anytime 

About the postage paid,I usually post customers items using Pos Express eventho it is not allow but who cares ? Haha. Isn't it so rugi to pay for RM 8,RM 9 using Pos Laju just to post such a small items like neckstrap and hp strap.I know my customers kalau boleh nak yang jimat kos punya so for me,customers first ! Plus,pandai-pandai la adjust thickness and weight sampul pos express tu kan ? Haha. So far, my items never been rejected by pos office. Hehehe.

Here's the lists for postage paid :
1-3 NECKSTRAP/HP STRAP/KEYCHAIN/HP Casing= RM 3.50/RM 4.50 (depend on the thickness)
ALL HEADBAND (tak kira la 1/2/3 headband) = RM 6

I hope this details will help you all a lots. Thanks for your order because you all have made my day ^__^
Happy Shopping!

Current Cute Craft Items Made by Me ♥

Hi everyone !

I don't have anything to do today so,I wanna let you all know what I've done for these few days.Mybe you guys interested,Hihi,

1)Headband from my dearest besties
model mana lagi comel? XD
This headband was from my besties,Cecelia.She is at Keningau right now and the item was already reach to her safely just now. She said she love it and I'm glad. Hehe. Enjoy ya babe! 

2)Neck Strap from Marlystra
view from the front ;)
ready for packaging
These two neckstrap were ordered by my matriks and primary school friend,Marlystra from Sarikei. She got the items already on yesterday evening.Thnks Marl aka Ciskek! HAHA.

3.Xmas Gifts for Girly Cuzzie.
Chain hp strap
My mom asked me to do something with my felt craft as a xmas gift for my kazen-kazen perempuan.Since she is so lazy to think about xmas gifts for them and also it is more cheaper if she order from me.HAHA.There are 3 of them. So, I came up with this idea. Originally made by me. Idea also from me. No inspired from other craft shop. I just finished this one by yesterday night. The other two are on progress.
What a cute colour combination right ? Hehe. 

Okay,so long. Will update soon about items price in my cuteshoppe since there is a customer request so I will do the price lists ya. Thnks for all your orders girls,you all have made my day.. ^___^

Monday, 8 August 2011

Kembali Aktif ;)

Hai everyone !

How is your day? As for me, crafting like usual since cik malas had went home.Choi. HAHA.

I don't want to talk such a crappy thing here so let's the pictures do the talking okay!

Very pretty kan? yet cute. tgok spa buat. choi. haha :P


I create some swirling things at the back so it will not look too plain.hehe

Baby brooch.A gift for a friend.1st try making a brooch.

This one is a pillow keychain.A birthday gift for Ninnie. :)
So,these was the orders by ninnie,my matriks friend.she ordered 5 keychains.Red theme with flowers for her boss also her rakan sekerja I think. Thnkiu Ninnie cause you have trusted me doing this keychain. It takes quite a long time for me to finish this because I have to work with red colour. Seriusly,when it comes to red, I don't have any ideas.Unless, it is PINK then I will turn it to such a cute girly thing in the world.HAHA.

At last,finished already. Yesterday nite. Then I decide to make a keychain for her as her bday present. Belated birthday present. Hihi. I hope she will like it. ^__^

Okay,tommorow I'm going to pos the items. :)
Hopefully will reach to them safely..

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lazy Girl @VieraCuteshoppe

Hi everyone !

It's Saturday and I still don know what to do at home eventho a bunch of order need to be finish by this weekend.HAHA.

I'm lazy or shud I said, I need mood to start my crafting job. #demand =.="

Okay,move on,.this week, I only can finish these items.

Order from Mya .Thnks babe ^__^

Order from Adon :)
There is also order from my lil brother's friend but I didn't took the pictures. Lazy. Again. Haha.

I don know why these few days,I'm kinda lazy and always always lingering at FB without no intention. Takde arah tujuan. Visit blogshop. Window shopping kononnya. End up with bought something useless. Wake up, Viera! You're going to university soon. Don waste ur money on such useless thing. #$%@&(#%!

Sorry to customers. Mostly they are my friends cause make you all wait so long. Hihihi. Gonna be more rajin this coming week ! 

Also,I know that I'm going to deactivate my cuteshop but yet, I still ordering and buying craft items. Huhu. My mom dh bpa kali scolded me. She said,it's wasting my money. I do realized that. But in my mind, I have many projects to do. The ideas were so many. Nak buat hp case la,external disk case,brooch,headband,keychain,. al lots of idea! Konon nak angkut ke UTM la. Boleh jual kat sana tapi  the main problem is LAZY. This laziness kan.. aduyai.. =.="

If I was not lazy, I think I manage to do all I wanna do before going to UTM. Wish me luck guys !

Will update soon :)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Handmade Neck Strap

Hey everyone!

Eventho I'm busy with my preparation to university,yet I'm still proceed with the orders from my customer.Well,money first! Haha..

Let have the pictures talking k!

for myself
Order from my 1st customer.She get it with special price :)
Order from 2nd customer.My ex roomate at KML.Thnks senn! :)
Many of them ask me how do I know do this handmade neck strap? Hehe. It's secret.

Actually,I was inspired by Jajakraf. I saw a lots of these handmade neck strap at her blog so I start to google the tutorial how to make this neck strap.It is not easy actually to get the tutorial.Sometimes its different from what I want. But I'm not give up and finally I bump into a picture on how to make this.Well,it is also not  exactly what I've looking for but the steps seems similar so I adjust a lil bit and tadaa! Handmade neck strap by VieraCuteshop :)

And thanks god because I don't have to buy the swivel clasp online because there is one shop at Sri Aman sell this clasp at cheap price compare to the online shop.Hehe.However, I still have to buy the ribbons online mostly at TamuJajaKraf because she sell ribbons at quite cheap price compared to the others.So,my next project is to do as many as I can these neck strap then I will sell them at UTM.Hahaha..

Are you interested already? So,let's test ur creativity on how do you mix and match the ribbon with the embelishment.I'm giving my customer a 100% chance for them to customize their neck strap.

1) Choose the ribbon you like.



Pink+orange (above) =P0 and pink+purple(bottom)=PP


For example, you see the 1st column? It start with cream ladybird ribbon.so we mark it as 1a,and the hotpink ladybird ribbon,we mark it as 1b. Got the idea now? Good. :)

2)Next,choose ur embelishment. Choose 1 or 2..too crowded embelisment is not necessary because I'm afraid it may fall out during you guys use the neck strap for extreme activity like jumping.Haha..but if you guys insist,bring it on. Like what I said before, 100% chance for my customer to customize their own neck strap.
This one also have the same step like what I have told you guys before. <---mcm slh je ayat nie =.="
New embelishment !
 Choose the code you want and..
PM me at Facebook once you have decide okay. :)

Thnks and happy shopping !

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Order From My Dearest Bestie:Cecelia

Hey everyone!

Currently finishing all these orders from my bestie.She was requested one headband with purple butterfly,red devil theme just look likes JajaKraf creation headband and an originally dolphin keychain made by me.Hehe.

Let's have a look then!

Me myself jadi model.HAHA

Model cilik tak pkai bju.Harus disensor kan.

Green dolphin.Mutation kali.Haha..

Okay,done.Berminat? emel me ya :)

Friday, 8 July 2011

Launching VieraCuteShop

Hai everyone!
Finally,my dream to have a craft blogshop comes true.Thnks God.Actually it's been a long time I start my bussiness but I can't manage this blogshop very well.Busy-ness,pretty well fake buzy-ness or shud I said laziness ? Haha. Now I have the determination. And its turn out pretty well. Oh well,ignore it if you all think that there is something imperfect here. My blogshop is still under construction. In time, it will turn to such a cute blogshop. You wish! Haha. Nananana,I prefer matured template now. More easy for my viewers to view it. Plus,I'm a lady now :P

Well,I think I'm gonna use fully English here. Maybe some Malays too. You know,I have to polish my broken grammar before entering IPTA this coming September. Haha.

Okay,have a happy stop at my blogshop sweeties ! :)